Inter-Log Group

The Group operates on the market of transport and forwarding services and deals with the trade of used agricultural machinery, construction and semi-trailers and tractors. At the beginning of the activity focused exclusively on forwarding services, but with the demand for services of the company were established other companies that support the activity of the whole group.

The group consists:

Inter-Log,  Inter-Log Handel.


The company was established in 2011 – from the very beginning, it deals with the forwarding and transport services of domestic and foreign companies. It offers high-quality services which are appreciated by customers today.

The company’s activity is dedicated to handling the excess transport on the territory of the country as well as the EU. Successfully the company’s activity results in gradual enlargement of the rolling stock with new cars and specialized semi-trailers.
Year by year we increase the volume of kilometers traveled and completed transport orders.

The company in-house organizes the required all permits required for oversized transport in Poland and other EU countries.


The company specializes in the import and export of used agricultural machinery. Buildings and semi-trailers and tractors – from year to year increases sales volume by developing cooperation with cooperating companies from all over Europe. Due to the successive exchange of bargains in the group – there was a need to establish a company that would sell the means of transport. As part of the implementation of the measures, new opportunities have emerged for the company to expand its business by buying used machinery and equipment in the country and further exporting them to other EU countries and vice versa.







Reliable company, timely transportation

The employees of our group, despite their young age, are famous for their experience, they are very capable and ambitious, they care about our company developing in line with the current trends in the world. Such a staff allows us a fresh look at the issue of managing the whole company. Still remembering about the old one and practising both in the same time.
Thanks to the use of the latest means of transport and individual approach to every order we provide fast, safe and timely transport. By working with our company, you can be sure that the goods entrusted to us will arrive in time and that we will meet even the harshest tasks, and that every transport will be given priority.

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13 experienced forwarders


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Inter-Log Sp. z o.o.

Al. Kościuszki 3/9, 43-200 Pszczyna

Tel. 32 211-30-21



Inter-log group


Inter-log group


Inter-log group


Inter-log group